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My New Petaluma Therapy Office13-Dec-2010

I have moved my office from Santa Rosa to the Burdell Building in Petaluma at 405 East D St..

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Susan Kokke

Susan Kokke Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Specializing in Relational Issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, & Borderline Personality Disorder

I am a licensed psychotherapist providing therapy and counseling for individuals, couples, and families who are struggling or whose lives are not going in the direction they want. My psycho-therapeutic practice is located in Petaluma and serves clients from all of Sonoma county, Marin county, and Vallejo/Fairfield area.

Finding the right therapist is essential for a successful therapeutic process. My goal for clients is for their symptoms to clear up or diminish enough for them to be able to live the lives and relationships they wish without the need for continued therapy. My job as a therapist is to assist you in reaching your goals so that you feel better about yourself, your life, and your relationships. Please explore my website to get a better sense of my services, philosophy and approach to personal growth.

I believe that each and every human being has the capacity to live the best version of themselves. I help couples and individuals eliminate or shift the patterns and behaviors that obstruct their ability to live their best version. I create a non-judgmental, proactive, and dynamic environment to assist you in unleashing, expanding, and opening to your best version which lives inside. That which has been previously hidden and protected is waiting to be acknowledged and known.

Life situations create patterns and coping mechanisms that were at one time important for survival. These same patterns and coping mechanisms often continue long past their usefulness and may be hindering or preventing the emergence of your best version in your current situation. I can help you create a conscious life that will allow you to transform yourself and reveal your best.

I enjoy working with people who want to reach their true potential. I believe that people can improve their lives and their relationships with one another. My style is warm and engaging, my approach is proactive and collaborative focusing on tools and actions and I create a safe environment in which people can explore their issues openly.

Contact me if you have questions or would like to set up an initial consultation. Contact me by phone 707-953-8360, or by email or fill out a confidential contact form.


All relationships experience difficulties—the challenge is to maintain a connection while going through them and to repair any damage or disconnection that occurred from it.